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Fletcher & Co

An automated property portfolio for the high-end of the market.

We approached the design of the site as we would a high-end lifestyle magazine, setting the Fletcher & Company brand apart from the bland and uniform layouts of listing sites like Rightmove, as well as the competition.

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Our approach

Design + Integrations + Automatic Editorial Layouts

Property details are pulled from the Alto property management software feeds every 30 minutes, and property pages are automatically created/edited by the CMS.

To save the team from a big content management responsibility, the CMS then parses the text content of a property page for keywords and automatically adds high-resolution images inline with the text to give an editorial feel.

Fc List View
Fc Iphone

Making a difference

Tone + Spotlighting

Our content design and copywriting team developed the concept of Spotlights – landing pages for towns and villages that present Fletcher & Company as an authority on the local area, as well as adding to the site’s SEO.

Multicriteria search allows users to filter properties by min/max price, min/max beds and types of property – all in a very user-friendly interface that loads search results quickly. Users can toggle between list and map views.

The site loads very quickly and displays beautifully on any device, meaning that it always feels like the very best that the web has to offer.

Fc Village
Fc Country

The outcome

A visually rich site that has a tailored look and feel

A visually rich site that has a tailored look and feel while being automatically populated from the existing content feeds that the client uses to manage their property portfolio.

The website sets Fletcher & Company apart from the competition by employing a bold and timeless visual style, incredible imagery and cutting edge usability.


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