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23 Degress North

Bringing energy and dynamism to an Omani architects brand

Based in Oman, 23 Degrees North are established as one of the most creative architectural firms in the Middle East.
Subism were approached to help them build a global collective of industry expertise and apply a new look across a restructured website build. There was a dynamic tension between expressing the creative, organic nature of the firms output with the solid dependable and award winning expertise of the business.

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Our approach

Bringing energy and dynamism to the brand

We like to work in a collaborative nature with our clients and really get to understand how they are perceived by their target markets. The core to our approach was a branding and UX workshop where we explored the 23 Degrees North brand and how it needed to develop. Through the workshop, we were able to identify the main groups of user types and organise the user experience and content to give a tailored flow for each user type.

From identifying the core traits of the 23DN brand we created user personas and mood boards to set out the the emotions we needed to evoke through the brand.

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Making a difference

Creating a launchpad for a global network

The branding work Subism has done with 23 Degrees North has given them a launchpad for expanding the global network. By seeking clarity on who their customers are and how we needed to approach them, we’ve helped 23 Degrees North to interact better with clients and partners across the globe.

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A striking design and slick technological experience.

The rich animations and transitions of the website combined with carefully selected imagery help create an immersive experience which is design to impress and reassure the users of 23 Degrees North capability.

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