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Alfred Landecker Foundation

Technological expertise for an open society

The Alfred Landecker Foundation is a Germany-based organisation promoting the development of democratic and discrimination-free societies and protecting institutions from hostility and digitally-spread hatred.

It is an incubator for democracy in the digital age. The foundation uses technological advancements and comprehensive expertise for an open society, a contemporary remembrance of the Holocaust and other Nazi crimes, and the fight against antisemitism, racism and group hatred.

Studio Output provided the designs, with us as their Craft CMS development partner.

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Safe Against Attack

The Foundation is a potential target from those that disagree with its purpose. All of our sites are secure, but this one needed to hold up to direct attempts to bring it down.

On top of that, the website needs to follow the letter of the law, so the approach to GDPR was bulletproof.

We look after the site under a Service Level Agreement that features frequent security scans and updates.


Craft + Complexity

We built the site in Craft CMS since a complex content structure and taxonomy was required.

The site is also multilingual, which Craft CMS handles very well.

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Style + Flexibility

The design implementation features rich javascript features that bring the authoritative feeling of the designs to life along with auto-looping full-width videos.

Craft CMS’ Block Builder makes page building easy for the Foundation’s creators, who can also choose from bespoke CMS colour themes that adapt the palette of the site and set the tone for different types of content.

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The site is authoritative, confident and stylish.

It’s a great honour and responsibility to work with the Alfred Landecker Foundation, keeping their site safe and up to date on a long-term basis.

The site is authoritative, confident and stylish. It is fast and light as well as secure. This makes it the perfect platform for the work of an amazing organisation.

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