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All Points East

A cutting-edge web experience for All Points East festival

As a proud partner with AEG Europe, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a cutting-edge digital platform for one of London’s premier music festivals - All Points East at Victoria Park.

This immersive website sets the stage for an unforgettable music experience, featuring a lineup that boasts artists ranging from iconic legends to the hottest new talents.

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Discovery - Workshops, UX Design + Prototypes

Through collaborative workshops with AEG, we delved into their vision for the future, addressing current pain points and crafting detailed user personas tailored to their diverse audience segments. From these insights, we developed interactive prototypes, spotlighting our proposed Content Hierarchy and Information Architecture.

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Reliable Performance with Headless Technologies

For AEG, uptime is non-negotiable. To guarantee 100% availability, we opted for a headless solution in tandem with Craft CMS. This ensures that the user-facing site remains 'decoupled' from the CMS, seamlessly updating with every content modification.

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Seamless event promotion and accessibility

Our platform empowers event promoters to launch pages that capture the audience's imagination, resulting in events selling out quickly. Additionally, it provides clear and concise information on accessibility options and other essential details, ensuring a swift and user-friendly experience on mobile devices.

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Subism have been fantastic to work with. They made the early development stages creative, collaborative and fun and brought our festivals to life brilliantly with the end results.

Gaby Whitehill – Social Media & Digital Manager


Forward-Thinking, Inviting, and Always Accessible

Our forward-looking platform is both scalable and reliable, guaranteeing uninterrupted access. Its sophisticated yet approachable design played a pivotal role in selling tickets since the 2022 festival and beyond.

It doesn't just inform users about upcoming events; it immerses them in the festival experience. Furthermore, it shares the heartwarming story of how the festival positively impacts the local community, making residents feel intimately connected.

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