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Food Drop

Creating a logistics app with a positive message

1.9 million tonnes of food is wasted by the food industry every year in the UK alone. 21% of this could be redistributed to those in need.

Subism were asked to develop a Food Drop app and dashboard that took care of the logistics behind these redistributions. The app connects stores with a network of volunteers who can pick up the surplus food and drop it to a local charity. It also provides important information and data insight for every food retailer.

With Food Drop’s imminent rollout across London, rethinking the brand and providing the technology to make things happen remains our focus.

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Our approach

Discovering Users

A Collaborative approach with Food Drop was important from the offset. We organised workshops to encourage engagement and ensure a shared vision both technically and creatively. Together we reimagined the brand, building a knowledge of potential app users and understanding their needs, demographic and driving emotions.

We recognised how app users may feel empowered, assured and uplifted through their involvement. We celebrated the brand for its effortless, inclusive, trusted and optimistic nature. Ultimately our research and insight led to many positive improvements throughout the development processes.

Developing interactive prototypes and rigorous testing throughout would continue our thorough approach. Basically we would build a technically complex app and dashboard, which was extremely simple to use, visually appealing and representative of Food Drop as a brand.

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Making a difference

Simplicity of Thought

To the Food Drop user, the final app and dashboard developed by Subism offers a simple solution that was a requirement from the offset. Combining our knowledge of the user together with careful planning has enabled us to design and build a robust app that was easy to use, engaging and relevant to the user. Future-proofing means our app continues to allow Food Drop the capacity to scale.

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A Positive Connection

Food Drop is all about connection. The app and dashboard will connect scores of food outlets with charities thanks to volunteers connecting with our carefully designed logistics program.

A positive and creative approach was taken through good design, intelligent coding and client collaboration resulting in a solid and functional brand with a strong identity. Ultimately, the app and dashboard has enabled Food Drop to establish themselves as leaders in the London waste food distribution space, positively helping others along the way.

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