Heart Internet

Travel through time and save the internet with this retro-inspired, browser-based video game.


Digital, Illustration, Animation, Game


One of Europe’s largest hosting companies were having a rebrand. To celebrate the occasion we were tasked with building them an engaging, attention grabbing platform game.


Drawing on inspiration from the retro 8-bit gaming world we created an HTML5 cross browser runner game where our hero travels through the history of the internet overcoming all obstacles. Cool, bright, funny, addictive and packed full of nostalgia, the game has proved a real hit.

Play Run The Net

"This excellent action runner game was created by Subism as a promotional game for Heart Internet. With some beautiful pixel art through-out and chips tunes"

Richard Davey, Phaser Framework

..."it's up to you to jump and battle your way through the ages of the Internet. At the end of each era you'll fight a boss battle, against opponents such as rusty modems or rogue hackers."