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Analysis of company social and environmental impact

Impaakt are a startup that helps investors and citizens see through greenwashing with impact data, scores and articles.

A website was needed to spread this message, with a two-way API that would seamlessly connect Craft CMS with their application.

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Discovery - Wireframe Prototypes

When Impaakt chose us as their design and development provider, they already had a clear idea of what they wanted from their site, and how it should work.

We absorbed that information and used it to create wireframe prototypes for the team to test and feedback on.

Impaakt card
Impaakt trees


Create - stats done differently

The Impaakt brand identity was enhanced, and a palette of colours was chosen that complemented those of the application, adding a contemporary feel that had authority.

The ‘Company Scores’ module was developed to demonstrate to users the impact companies are having on the world , using company logos, column height and colour to help the data get its story across.

Impaakt mobile nav
Impaakt mobile home
Impaakt mobile nav expanded


Develop - APIs and Animation

Impaakt are a start-up with data at their heart. We used their application’s API to pull out company scores and insert into Craft CMS. These companies could then be curated on the homepage for maximum impact, with their column height dictated by that company’s Impaakt score.

The blog content from Craft CMS was also made available to the application,creating a seamless experience for users navigating between Craft and the pay-walled data dashboard.

The use of animation brought the data to life, and made each page grow as users scrolled down and went deeper into the Impaakt narrative.

Impaakt article
Impaakt blog
Impaakt help
Impaakt mobile nav
Impaakt search


A website that captures the purpose and promise of a data-driven startup, bringing their valuable data to life with subtle flair.

The site also allows for the easy expansion of content as Impaakt’s community and audience grows. As well as being able to edit and curate the homepage, each page template is flexible so that admins and marketing leads can implement any kind of content with confidence and consistency.

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