How can a finance website take users on an adventure?

Taking the user on a journey of reassurance.


Branding, Digital, Art Direction

The brief

Invenio is a successful corporate finance advisory boutique that tailor their experience to each client’s unique ambitions.

Subism were approached to rethink their Invenio’s branding and apply a new look across a reworked digital presence. The sector had lots of key players, however there was an opportunity to speak to various customer types with an authentic voice to match the values and quality within the company and the service they provide their clients.

Our approach

Shaping the brand and the experience

On projects like this, we like to work collaboratively with our clients and really get to understand how they see themselves, and how others see them. The core to our approach was a branding and UX workshop where we explored the Invenio brand and how it needed to develop. Through the workshop, we were able to identify four main groups of user types and organise the user experience and content to give a tailored flow for each user type.

Mood boards were then developed around the key brand emotions. We created user personas to set out the needs and motivations of the users and designed a rich user journey for each.

Making a difference

Gaining greater understanding

The branding work Subism has done with Invenio has helped them reach above their competitors in terms of look and feel. By taking inspiration for the lavish world of high-end watches, suits and luxurious interiors whilst sourcing imagery that invokes the spirit of adventure we helped Invenio speak the language of their target market.

The outcome

A slick technological experience with emotive imagery.

The rich animations and transitions of the website combined with carefully selected imagery help create an immersive experience which is design to impress and reassure the users of Invenio's capability.