A bright and zingy, high impact brand.


Branding, Digital


To invent a fresh and innovative look for this exciting new app startup.


Thorough research and analysis of the app, its target audience and competitors helped inform the evolution of this bright and zingy, high impact brand. Setting the brand rules and language into the guidelines has helped ensure the Portl brand is developing on a solid foundation.

"I engaged Subism to create the branding for a new app, prior to it even being built. They took the time and effort to really understand the app, the vision, and the messages I wanted to communicate...

Hamesh Dunn — CEO Portl

..."They also pushed me to look past some of my personal preferences, and the result was amazing! Subism's work has provided the foundation for the development of the app, and they will remain an important partner for the future."

Hamesh Dunn — CEO Portl