Rub Smokehouse

We shredded the rulebook to help this creative restaurant gear up for future growth.


Branding, Digital, Art Direction


To brand a new nationwide smokehouse and apply across all channels, interiors and packaging.


These guys build burgers. Big burgers. We needed to create a brand identity that would shout out. So we decided to shred the rulebook, have fun, be bold, resulting in an eye catching, tongue-in-cheek, ‘in your face’ brand that helps cement Rub as one of the fastest growing independent food chains in the UK. Rub give us full creative freedom to work on brand, video, packaging, menus, websites and interior artwork and we thoroughly  enjoy the challenge.

New Website coming soon, sneaky peak bellow :)

"Subism are freaking mental... They came up with a brand strategy that has permanently set us apart from the competition".

Rub Smokehouse