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The Halls Wolverhampton

A bold website for the new Halls Wolverhampton venue

Situated in Wolverhampton, The Halls is a versatile venue that hosts a diverse array of music, theatre, and comedy productions featuring acclaimed artists from around the world.

Craft CMS empowers event promoters to create captivating landing pages, resulting in swift sell-outs upon release. It also provides accessibility information and other event specifics in a mobile-friendly format for effortless and efficient navigation.

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Discovery - collaborative workshops, UX design + prototypes

Through collaborative workshops with The Halls team, we gained invaluable insights into their future needs and identified existing pain points. Additionally, we crafted tailored user personas for specific audience segments.

Armed with this knowledge, we developed interactive wireframe prototypes for key pages, showcasing our proposed Content Hierarchy and Information Architecture.

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Create - A fresh visual identity

The websites visual identity was conceived with an emphasis on accessibility, cleanliness, and relatability. Our design approach prioritises a user-friendly interface that welcomes visitors with a clean and approachable aesthetic. We aimed to ensure that every user feels comfortable, finding the platform easy to navigate and the content relatable. The design promotes inclusivity, ensuring information is readily accessible and enjoyable for all visitors, regardless of their background or familiarity with the venue.

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Develop - uninterrupted operation with headless technologies

Given The Halls' strict uptime requirements, we implemented a headless solution in tandem with Craft CMS. This approach separates the user-facing platform from the CMS, guaranteeing that any CMS updates seamlessly refresh the platform.

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Subism were awesome to work with and were totally invested in our project - a suite of flexible and fast websites for our top London venues and music festivals.

Dan Brophy – Digital Marketing Manager


Sophistication, accessibility, and reliability

The resulting website is designed to be forward-looking and adaptable, with exceptionally high availability.

The website not only generates excitement for upcoming events but also provides visitors with comprehensive event-day information. Furthermore, it highlights the venue's positive impact on the local community, fostering a sense of belonging among those who reside near The Halls.

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