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The Power of Nutrition

How a bold new website is helping fight child malnutrition

The Power of Nutrition is a leading charity dedicated to transforming children's health through improved nutrition. Recognising the need to amplify their message and engage a broader audience, the charity enlisted our services for a comprehensive redesign of their website. This project aimed to enhance user experience, improve accessibility, and provide a platform that effectively communicates their mission and impact.

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Discovery + Empathy

The project commenced with a detailed discovery workshop, focusing on understanding The Power of Nutrition's brand, target audience, and key objectives. Through user persona discovery and empathy mapping, we gained insights into the needs and motivations of their diverse user base, ranging from donors to healthcare professionals. This phase also included moodboarding, which helped in visualising the aesthetic and emotional tone the new website should convey.

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Design Iteration

Using Figma, we developed a set of interactive wireframes, establishing a functional blueprint for the website. This step was crucial for visualising user flow and ensuring an intuitive user experience. Subsequently, we crafted example designs for the homepage, meticulously refining the visual style and interface to align with the brand’s ethos and user expectations.

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Development and Launch

Once the designs were approved, we transitioned to the development phase, using Craft CMS for its robust features and flexibility. The platform allowed us to create a responsive, scalable, and easily manageable website. We ensured that the site was optimised for both desktop and mobile devices, maintaining consistency and functionality across all platforms.

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Integration and Optimisation

Craft CMS's extensive capabilities enabled us to integrate various features essential for a charity website, such as donation integrations, rich user interactions, and dynamic content sections. We also focused on SEO optimisation and fast loading times to enhance the site’s visibility and performance.

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A fresh, engaging interface

The launch of the new website marked a significant step forward for The Power of Nutrition. The site now presents a fresh, engaging interface that resonates with visitors, encouraging deeper interaction and support for the cause. The use of Craft CMS empowers the charity's team to manage content dynamically, ensuring the website remains a vital tool in their advocacy and fundraising efforts.

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